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The Laboratory.....

The Laboratory

Certainly, the establishment of a state-of-the-art laboratory, which would play a leading role in the field of laboratory medicine in Cyprus, has always been a goal and a vision for us.

Through a continuous course of 30 whole years of offering to the Medical community of Cyprus, we have achieved this goal.

A. EVANGELOU CLINICAL LABORATORY was founded in 1988 with the purpose of providing integrated services in the field of laboratory medicine.

Over the years, we gained the trust of the Medical community and the community for the Reliability and the Quality of the services we offer.

In a state-of-the-art space over 600 square meters,
our laboratories are expanding, covering all laboratory disciplines such as…

Expertise and Technology

High level of expertise and technology, continuous training and investment in human resources are the components that have contributed to the development and evolution of our laboratory.
In our effort to ensure high standards of quality, which for us is a permanent and secure outcome, our company has invested large sums in recent years in advanced technology to achieve this.
We have carefully chosen the ELITE of the best and most reliable systems available worldwide.
The latest technology systems by ROCHE, SIEMENS, THERMO FISHER, SYSMEX, OLYMPUS are just a few of the many systems that are operating within our premises.

Unique technologies

Unique technologies, namely, Flow Cytometry, Robotic systems and Artificial Intelligence Systems, Real Time PCR systems, are used daily in our lab.

When it came to choosing our software for our computer Network system, which for us is the nervous system of our laboratory center, we have chosen the best. A. EVANGELOU LABORATORIES are supported by the most modern and reliable IT systems SLIS of the Greek company Infomed.

Network System

The software is purely an online network system installed in the largest public and private hospitals as wells as large diagnostic and laboratory centres in Greece.

Positive sample recognition systems (Barcoding systems), exist and operate at all levels of testing for absolute safety.

All analysers in our laboratory are connected with unique communication protocols to our software SLIS system and are supported by a central system of two parallel servers.

Multiple levels of security are also used in order to achieve a high grade of confidentiality, accuracy and classified data availability.