Molecular RT-PCR Department Department of Molecular Examinations

Department of Molecular Examinations

Department of Molecular Examinations

The department of Molecular examinations is located on the fifth floor of the privately owned facilities of A. EVANGELOU CLINICAL LABORATORY, in the central laboratory, and it is a separate department specialising in molecular examinations.

It is comprised of well-trained molecular biologists with many years of experience and postgraduate and doctoral degrees.

The purpose of the molecular department is to offer a wide range of specialised tests to assist in the investigation of clinical cases in relation to prediction, diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of examinees with genetic diseases, respiratory and urogenital tract infections, or other pathogenic conditions.

The Molecular department is supported by brand new state-of-the-art automated machines.

Department of Nucleic Acid Extraction from Biological Samples:

  • Biosafety Cabinet Class II by MRC Laboratory Instruments from Israel.
  • PCR cabinet by DNA TECHNOLOGY.
  • Two DNA, RNA Extractors, RNA Savygen NX48 by SAVYON from Israel.
  • Three DNA, RNA Extractors by TANBead.
  • Three DNA, RNA Extractors by Vazyme.

Department of Amplification and Analysis of Genetic material:

  • Three DT prime 5M1 96 Real-time PCR Detection Thermal Cycler analysers by DNA TECHNOLOGY, with the execution dynamic of 96 samples, each (2x96).
  • A Real Time PCR ROTOR GENE Q analyser, by QIAGEN, with the execution dynamic of 70 samples.
  • A Real Time PCR, SaCycler-96R 5x analyser by SACACE with the execution dynamic of 48 samples.

The laboratory can offer the following tests using Real Time PCR technology:

The list of tests performed at the molecular department is constantly enhanced with new innovating examinations due to the rapid advancement of molecular biology and the constant development of methodologies by our specialised scientific staff. You can find more information through our website as well as contact us through email or directly at our central laboratory.